Solway Aviation Museum is home to a collection of aircraft, aviation artifacts and displays reflecting Britain’s position as a world leader in aircraft design and innovation at the dawn of the jet age. The museum’s primary objective is the preservation of our Aviation heritage, its display and interpretation.

The Museum is run entirely by a team of volunteers from the Solway Aviation Society. All the staff are aviation enthusiasts who dedicate some of their spare time to preserving part of Cumbria’s aviation history. Many have skills and abilities gained from experience in the aviation industry or as ex-service personnel, while others have a keen interest or skill that they are willing to share. We are always striving to develop new ways to present our exhibits and to develop the Museum to a permanent site with covered areas to protect our aging aircraft collection. There is always something to do and current projects include the ongoing repaint of the Vulcan along with the refurbishment of its systems in an attempt to halt the effects of corrosion.

Our aircraft collection is based on post war British jets that entered service with the Royal Air Force during the 1950’s and 60’s; many have local connections. We have also adopted some other post war aircraft which we considered worthy of restoration and preservation. The very popular Bluestreak Room displays photographs, parts and equipment from that project.

The Crosby Room past and present, details the fascinating history of the civilian life of Carlisle Airport over many years. There are displays on the Airport Fire Section and a life size working copy of the tower control desk, along with the history of the various flight schools that have operated from Carlisle Airport where our Museum is based. We can be contacted on 01228 573823.

The Management Team


Douglas Kerr

From an early age Dougie has always had a keen interest in Aircraft and has been a keen remote control aero modeller.  In 1986, Dougie became a member of the museum and spends most of his spare time as a volunteer at the Museum.  While being a volunteer at the museum he has learned many skills from the others.  Why not come and join us and have fun while learning new skills and meeting new friends.

Away from the museum, Dougie works in electrical and electronics engineering.

Duncan Turner
Company Secretary

Duncan was born and educated in Lincoln.  He later joined the Army and served with Parachute Regiment all over the world for 22 years.  He always wanted to fly but defective colour vision grounded his ambitions.  However Duncan did gain his glider licence for recreational flying.

Duncan moved to Carlisle in 1991 and joined the museum in the August.

Richard Davison
Financial Director

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Peter Cross
Director (Membership)

Peter was born and brought up in Devon, joined the R.A.F. in 1959 served for 12 years tours included Aden and Singapore.Joined the museum in early 2003.


Keiran Farrer
Communications Director

Keiran works in the vehicle leasing industry and lives in Carlisle with his wife and two young children.  Keiran can be found flying and is also studying for his Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence.

Kelvin Hardy

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David Kirkpatrick

Dave is currently with ADT as the only multi-disciplined security and CCTV systems design engineer in the North of England. He has extensive experience in the commercial world.

Outside of work his interest in aviation prompted him to join No. 1862 Carlisle ATC where he was rapidly promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer 2 (WO2). He attended both powered and gliding flying courses at RAF Quston. He much preferred the gliding course and passed in one of the shortest times to receive his wings. He was then selected to become a staff cadet on No.641 Gliding School at Ouston.

After four years he left the ATC to became a civilian flying instructor with a Silver C achievement and membership of the British Gliding Association.

Tom Stoddart

Tom Stoddart, our Technical Director has been around aircraft for most of his working life, most of that at Carlisle Airport.

He served for five years in the Royal Air Force on aircraft airframe maintenance and left the RAF in 1961 to work for Casair, a flying training company based here in Carlisle or rather Crosby, as the airport was known as then.

Since that date Tom has always been based at Carlisle on aircraft maintenance and inspection and is Licensed on all types of wood and metal aircraft Category B1 and Category C.

Tom is an E.U. Licensed A/C Maintenance Engineer No. CAP AML/410521D, CAA UK Licensed No. AMEL/410521D, Light A/C Association Inspector – Part 66 Licence No.336. and has many years experience in maintaining and inspecting our Vulcan aircraft which he part owns.

Newbie Tate

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Lynn Wilman

Lynn is our Human Resources Officer, Keeper of the Collection and Acting Booking Officer


The Management Team are all directors of the Solway Aviation Society Ltd, the holding company for the Solway Aviation Museum.
The company is a Registered Charity No 1034715 and the directors are the trustees for the charity.